Episode In Love with the King

Season 1, episode 1 of The White Queen

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In Love with the King

Genres: Romance, Drama, War, History

Released: 2013

In Love with the King

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In Love with the King

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In 1464 Elizabeth Grey, née Woodville, widowed when her husband Thomas was killed at the battle of St Alban's fighting for the Lancastrian king Henry VI approaches the young Yorkist king Edward IV. She requests him to enforce restitution from her husband's family for herself and her two little boys. Against the wishes of his powerful cousin Warwick, Edward falls for Elizabeth, a suit encouraged by her mother, sorceress Jacquetta - though not her father, Baron Rivers who lacks Jacquetta's pragmatism when Edward requires him and his sons to fight on the Yorkist side. When Elizabeth refuses to be Edward's mistress they secretly marry. Her brother Anthony finds out and is appalled, believing the wedding was a sham and the king intends to marry a French princess. However Edward publicly announces that Elizabeth is his wife. The Lancastrian Margaret Beaufort is unhappy with the news, as is Edward's mother Cecily but Jacquetta cleverly outwits her and Elizabeth is hailed as the queen of ...

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