Episode Poison and Malmsey Wine

Season 1, episode 7 of The White Queen

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Poison and Malmsey Wine

Genres: Romance, Drama, War, History

Released: 2013

Poison and Malmsey Wine

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Poison and Malmsey Wine

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Edward plans a war with the French but, sensing that too much blood has already been shed, makes peace with king Louis, angering George, who will now not assume the title Regent of France. He becomes convinced that Elizabeth, like her late mother, is a sorceress who caused Isabel to miscarry and who has bewitched her husband. Her two sons also stand in his way to the throne. When Isabel dies he accuses Elizabeth of poisoning her but his public outcries and dealings with Louis lead to his being accused of treason and he is arrested. Despite pleas for mercy from his mother and Elizabeth Edward has George drowned in a barrel of wine. This gives his title back to Henry Tudor, whose mother Margaret Beaufort is now a lady-in-waiting to the queen, thus giving her hope that her son is nearer to becoming king.

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