Episode Episode #6.3

Season 6, episode 3 of Downton Abbey

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Episode #6.3

Genres: Romance, Drama

Countries: USA, UK

Released: 2015

Episode #6.3

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Episode #6.3

In London Edith meets old acquaintance Bertie Pelham, who proves to be an invaluable help when her editor quits and she needs to publish her magazine by a deadline. At Downton the battle for the hospital's future continues with Isobel and Cora apparently getting Dr Clarkson on side whilst Barrow continues to look for new employment and Violet's maid Denker holds a secret over butler Spratt. Mrs Hughes sticks to her guns regarding the location for her and Carson's wedding, which goes ahead superbly with an unexpected and welcome guest turning up to wish the couple well.

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Naomie Harris


Dreama Walker

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