Episode Episode #6.8

Season 6, episode 8 of Downton Abbey

Internet Movie Database
Episode #6.8

Genres: Romance, Drama

Countries: USA, UK

Released: 2015

Episode #6.8

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Episode #6.8

Mrs Patmore opens a guest house which immediately hits a snag. Barrow hits rock bottom but Molesley and Spratt succeed in new careers. Edith is keen to accept Bertie's marriage proposal but apprehensive about revealing her secret, providing a dilemma when, due to Mary, the truth is out. Henry Talbot reappears, thanks to Tom, but gets a cool reception from Mary so Tom brings in Violet to offer her granddaughter advice which will affect her future as well as that of Downton Abbey itself.

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Emily VanCamp


Diablo Cody

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